Friday, July 13, 2012


I didn't post instafriday last week, so I'mma instaspam you this week. :)
instastalk me: @eliseypants

 1. Rockin' the Vintage Wanna Bee rosette necklace.
2. Twinners with Kristen Duke Photography.
3. Don't worry, I also have the shirt in purple. 
And I hang out with cute kids.

 1. Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week.
2. I don't think we order enough pizza in our apartment...
3. Mini golfing for FHE.

 1. Fourth of July.
2. Red white and blue sno cone. #iliveatsnoshack
3. Patriotic cupcakes.

 1. Out of focus fireworks.
2. Nichelle's birthday fireworks.
3. Freedom fire fireworks.

 1. Nichelle's birthday tiara/stache/shades.
2. Tiara sunset.
3. Tiara bedhead.

1.2.3. #dailybedhead

 1. Got to see my fave friend, Nello Jello!
2. Bloggy meetup!
3. Lollipops with Elisabeth!

 1. Sparkle nails.
2. Roomie nail party.
3. My roommie, Drew's patriotic nails.

 1. Maddox drive in.
2. Tomatoes are my favorite favorite favorite food.
3. #iliveatsnoshack

1.2.3. the slash blog
It's a little project that Nichelle and I have had in the works for quite some time now. 
You're gonna love it. 
for now, you can follow us on twitter or FB to get the updates as we get it ready for release! 

life rearranged
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