Monday, July 2, 2012

IDK, my BFFs, Gentri and Emma?

It's been like... months (3 of them) since we went to Arizona and I'm just barely getting around to sharing these pictures. 
Some of my favorite people live in Arizona. 
Actually, a lot of them. 
I only got the opportunity to meet a couple, but boy was I excited to meet them!

Emma, Elise, Ashley, Nichelle, Elisabeth

We met Emma at a fabulous restaurant. Wildflower maybe? I wish I remembered what it was called. 
I loved it. And I LOVED meeting cute Emma. 
We are the best of the best of bloggy BFFs. 
And she's all cute and pregnant and going to have the most adorable little girl.
Seriously. If you don't already blog stalk her, you need to.
And then you can pin all her adorable maternity outfits.
And be jealous of how she's pregnant and can still pull off shirts from the little girl's section.
She's a rockstar.

And y'all know Gentri Lee, right?
We actually met her in St. George, on the way to AZ. 
And actually, we said "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But, here's Nichelle's number, so come meet us at our hotel and we'll sneak you in the side door and share our continental breakfast with you, maybe?"

I'm really not kidding. 
Gentri and I had met before, but just once.
She is so very trusting. 
And we are so grateful. Because otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to invite her into our hotel room and make her take pictures with us. Wet hair, no makeup, eskimo hat and all.
She looked dang cute though, as she always does.

 Back: Ashley and Nichelle
Front: Gentri, Elisabeth, Elise

Yup. Goooood times. 
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