Tuesday, July 3, 2012

IDK, my BFF, Elisabeth?

Guest posting today, we have Miss Elisabeth from Imma Walking Fashion Crime. She's my mini me, except that I broke up with her because she doesn't like watermelon or tomatoes. Still mostly mini me though.

When Miss Elise asked me to guest post on her blog, I asked:
"What do you want me to blog about?"
She replied (all eliseypants like):
"Fashion. Duh."
So, now I present 
Elisabeth's Fashion Tips.

{Don't Feel Lame Because You Don't Like Something That Everybody Else Likes}
A lot of times, we get caught up in being "in style".

I think these kind of shoes are adorable! But on other people.
I've tried some on and I don't really like them.
That makes me feel lame, but I just don't like them!
If you feel like this in fashion, it's okay.
You definitely don't have to like the same things as everybody else.

{It's Okay To Buy Retail Every Once In A While}
As a bigger girl, sale racks are always hit & miss for me, so sometimes I buy stuff retail.
Wait? What?
*insert squeaky ear affect*
Shocker! I actually buy stuff that's original price!
That's how I create my own unique style...which brings me to my next tip!

{Embrace Your Style!!}
Wear the kind of person you are!

{Have Fun!}
Have fun with what you wear!
Try something new! Fashion is always an adventure.

{Fashion Is Important}
Didn't ya know? It is important!
If you are going in for a job interview, your interviewer decides in the first 30 seconds of the interview if you are the right person for the job.
What does that interviewer see in the first 30 seconds? You & what you're wearing.
Pretty rad, right? 

Alrighty, peace out elise's pieces readers. :)

Yep. She's certainly a gem. 

Let's talk about my favorite things Elisabeth says. 

(At her first ever friend wedding reception)  
Elisabeth: "I'm just so nervous for them" 
Elise: "Um, why?" 
Elisabeth: "Well, it's like they're just beginning their life, you know?"

(Talking to Lisa about doing crazy things in college) 
Elisabeth: "I've done crazy things! I stayed up until 3 in the morning once."

(In a text)
Elisabeth: "Hey, girl! Plans with the uncute boy yay or nay? ;) lol"
Elise: "Hahaha, nay."
Elisabeth: "So our plans can yay it on?"
(for the record, we don't usually refer to boys as uncute. It was a slip up. ;)

Now, head on over to her blog and tease her about her "crazy college life" show her some love!
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