Sunday, July 1, 2012

I believe Sunday

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This last week in my religion class we were talking about marriage.
There are many different beliefs and ideas about marriage.

The media tells us marriage is a temporary commitment.
It's glamorous to have a "starter husband".
Pre-nups are a necessary thing.
Divorce is a normal part of life.

I don't agree. 
How would it ever be okay to go into a marriage with plans of it ending?
How could you put any real effort into that commitment if you knew there was an "easy way out"?
I've never been married, so I do have a little different perspective on this.
I don't know what it's like to be married.
I don't know what it's like to get a divorce.
But I can tell you what I believe.

I believe that marriage is supposed to last longer than "to death do us part".
I believe that marriage is about progression..
I believe that you don't ever reach a point where you have a good marriage, I believe that marriage is about constantly striving to have a better marriage
Our goals in life are to progress and be better, be more. 
Marriage is about havingsomeone to do that with. Someone to serve, someone to serve with. 
Someone to love, someone to love with. 

Sometimes, birthdays are weird for me.
You turn a new age, you're a "year older".
Like it's magic or something. 
But really, you're no different than you were the day before.
You're one day older. 
Just like you were yesterday.

When you get married, it shouldn't just be about a piece of paper you sign that claims a legal union.
You shouldn't be the same as you were the day before.
You should truly become united.
There should be a change.
I believe that marriage should be an eternal bond.

As we were discussing these things in my religion class, someone shared something his mom always told him growing up. 
"Heaven is a place where we don't have to miss each other."
I love that.
I believe in life after death.
And I believe that marriages and families endure beyond this life.
And I will go into a marriage with that knowledge. 
Because when I find that someone, I don't want to miss them.

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