Monday, June 18, 2012

textersations and slashtexts

This post is brought to you by the number 6 and the letter katilda.
I understand that katilda is not a letter.
Also, the number 6 has nothing to do with anything. 
I just wanted to go all sesame street on y'all.

Seriously though, go textersation stalk katilda.
You won't regret it.

You are a fail whale, (not a fat joke)

So there's an attractive boy in front of me in class... then he had a girlfriend... blah! What kind of university is this? I would be a B plus girlfriend!

Every time I see Rachael Ray, I think of you. You are Rachael.

Wish Bear
I would tell you to get in love, but I think I'm jealous of him, so instead I think you should pop his bike tires.

Look! Grandkids!

J: I have institute from but I can't remember what time
E: It's cancelled tonight, there was a fire in the building
J: Oh ok then I am free.

In the last 24 hours blogs have been very good to me. Just thought I would let you know.

'I dont know why I like to drop it like its hot mom I just do.' found that on pinterest

My roommate is making sheperd's pie tonight for dinner. . .it makes me think of you. . But why?

I can't even express how wonderful I think that idea is. Perisously.

The air mattress is not good enough her name is danielle

You should come over jeff needs wisdom

Are christina And...boy over there falling in like with each other?

Other than sixth graders giving me tree cookies and primary kids telling me I smell good, my boy life isn't too exciting.

Are you two looking appreciable

Did you find boys to snuggle with during your legitimate like a child born in wedlock movie?

M: Your “Kate Spade“ supports SOPA.
E: Ew, she does?
M: Yeah, but so does Nintendo and Sony. We can't judge them too harshly for making poor decisions.

Big Chevy truck in front of me with a license plate “Justin-B“. Very manly.

E: Today, I dedicate rick astley's together forever to you. In a non creepy way.
M: Today I dedicate Bryan Adams Everything I Do to you. In the same non-creepy way.

M: “At the Beginning with You“ playing at Smith's. Wut?
E: Donna lewis and richard marx baby. It's on love songs after dark all the time.
M: Maybe I don't listen to love songs after dark enough... Apparently.
E: LSAD is sway great.
M: El sad. How appropriate.

Was it you who likes I Can't Believe it's Not Butter, or just Fabio.

E: We're coming to get you to get your tb on!
M: But I like my tuberculosis off...

E: You know you're tired when Papyrus starts to look like an acceptable font choice.
M: There there. You wanna talk about it?
E: No, I'm okay.
M: Good. At least it wasn't Comic Sans.

Try perhaps duckface plus short, strong bursts of air.

M: Keep [your fingers] crossed the whole time.
E: But won't they get stuck that way? Or does that only apply to faces?
M: I don't think that even really applies to faces, Elise.
E: Whaaaaaat?
M: I dunno. It didn't work when I tried it at least. And I haven't met anyone with a face stuck "like that". That's all I know.

You should play the accordion.

Guys are stupid girls are complicated and life makes no sense

(Not) Mason
E: I have strawberry milk for you
M: Awesome!
E: I can probably bring it to you, I just don't know when yet.
M: Sounds great- I'll wait up.
(This is around 8 pm... Mason is not a go to bed early kind of a guy)
E: Okay
M: Can you bring toilet paper?
E: No. Did someone steal your phone?
E: Just kidding! I totally have the wrong phone number.
M: Not as far as I know. But you might have the wrong number... I just figured since you were bringing groceries I would stock up... I live in North Carolina (really) and a hurricane is coming. Have a nice night! :)

And the #slashtexts
(aka: Nichelle slash Elise textersations)
E: we're going to have really well designed weddings because we've had so long to plan them
N: So True. When they ask us to marry them we can be like, sure, let me make a dozen phone calls and we can get hitched tomorrow. #beprepared #girlscoutsofweddings

 Everyone loves bacon. Even the jerks.

N: My stomach is in knots.
E: Rub some bacon on it?
N: Haha, okay. And then on the date I will smell like bacon... AKA I'll be irresistible.
E: Exactly. Bacon is the answer to everything. Except for what flavor do you want your milkshake. That answer is not bacon.
N: That answer is Reese's.

E: and he'll be like "hey, wanna go on another date this weekend and fall madly in love?"
N: and I'll be like, do I ever?!!! *smooch*

N: So in reality, our dating lives are practically perfect. 
E: Yeah. We have boys that might like us. We are living the dream!
N: Every girl wishes that they would one day have a boy who might like them. 

N: We should also make a board game... How to get out of the friend zone. It would be fun but also educational.
E: Like chutes and ladders! 

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