Saturday, June 2, 2012

story number one: my grandma

Back in March, I promised you 7 stories. I maybe should be calling this one story number two, because the bowling ball story is definitely one of the seven. But, I'd really like to start with this one.

Ardis Jane. She's my mom's mom. She passed away on the day that I was born. I will never, in this life, understand all the details, but I will tell you what I know: somewhere in the space between my grandma passing away and my birth, I met her. 

If I have learned anything about my grandma, it is that she takes care of business. Like her grave stone says "if it is to be, it is up to me." That's how she lived her life. I have no doubt that she insisted on meeting her granddaughter. I imagine we talked for a long time. (And that time was no restriction wherever we had our little rendezvous.) I like to think that she taught me to sew, shared some of her creativity with me, told me how wonderful my mother is and asked me to take care of her. 

It's been 24 years since she passed away. There are times that I think about how it would be nice if she were still here. My mom always tells me that if she were still here she would sew me amazing prom dresses, my wedding dress, etc. But in very significant moments in my life, I realize that she is very much still here and still a part of my life. She has helped me in ways that may not have been possible if she were still alive.

Many times in my life, I have needed help or comfort and have just known that she was there holding my hand. She, among others, has definitely been around to watch out for me and protect me. I really do hope we get to watch our "life movie" in Heaven. I'm really excited for the bowling ball scene. I believe that when I can watch that experience from a heavenly perspective that I will see my grandma and many other angels making sure that bowling ball wasn't falling too fast, but just enough to give me the experience I needed.

This is kind of a difficult thing to write about because I don't know that I could ever put into words how much I know that there is life after death and that I will see my grandma again. I could never doubt it, because I already know her and love her. She has helped me and blessed my life. And I will forever be grateful.

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