Friday, June 22, 2012

life is good

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My life lately has been hard.
Just, stuff. Personal stresses, car troubles, being super busy, etc.

At the same time,
my life lately has been really good.
I've learned what is important to me.
I shouldn't stay learned. I'm still learning.

I thought to myself the other day "You know, I'm either super busy or incredibly bored. Why is there never any inbetween?" And suddenly I realized: if I'm not super busy, I'm bored out of my mind. I must like being busy.

I'm pretty fortunate to have a job that I like, friends who want to spend time with me, a family close enough for me to visit, and a car to have problems with. I have seemingly endless photos to edit because people want me to share my talents with them. I have design projects to work on because I get the opportunity to intern with an amazing organization.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what's wrong in my life, wishing for things to be better, wondering why I don't have the same blessings my friends have.

I don't spend enough time being grateful for what is right in my life and the blessings I do have and hoping for the blessings to come in the future.

I've talked with a couple people recently about the difference between wishing and hoping. Wishing is a nice idea. We wish on stars, eyelashes, birthday candles, 11:11... I like the idea of wishing, I like the idea of granting people's wishes. But you know what I like more? Hope. Hope requires belief. Hope requires an understanding that there is someone out there waiting to bless you and help you. Hope requires faith that He will bless you with the righteous desires of your heart.

Once I remember how blessed I am and how much hope I have, I realize, life is so good.

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