Saturday, June 9, 2012

instasaturday and stuff

 1. Pretty daisies on the BYU-I  campus.
2. Rexburg temple.
3. Rexburg temple.

1. Editing baby pictures. Isn't she the cutest?
2. Nichelle and I went on a road trip to Idaho and it was only 2 degrees hotter than in Logan, but we were DYING. So we sat in my car with the AC on high. 
3. Some days I dress like Ronald McDonald.

 1. Super cute necklace from Love Stitched.
2. Super cute necklace stuck in my hair...
3. I went into Old Navy for ONE pair of jeans and came out with all this. 
All in under 15 minutes.

 1. I organize my M&Ms at work.
2. New Shine shirt.
3. My favorite letter.

1. Watching the sunset on the balcony of joyness awesomeness.
2. Grilled cheese and tuna. 
3. Morning scripture time. Also, I finished the Book of Mormon again this week.

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Now, stuff. 
I didn't dear boys this week. It's not because I hate you or I hate boys. I just didn't. 
Also, I really love the Book of Mormon. Especially those last few chapters. But, once I finish I get kind of sad. It's overwhelming to start it over. I need to figure out a plan of how I want to study it this time, but I'm having this awkward gap of "Idon'tknowwhattoreadsoI'mjustreadingrandomsectionsinstead" because I haven't been able to commit myself to a new study plan just yet. Any suggestions? What is your favorite way to study the scriptures?

Also, Nichelle and I may have a new project coming. It might involve boys. (Not boyfriends. Don't get too excited. We both are exclusively dating our blogs at the moment. Yeah, we need boyfriends.) 

I really really love doing dear boys and instafriday/saturday every week. Like, really love. But I also feel like I've been making less time for non-generic posts. Things I just want to share. I'm going to make more time for that. Find a balance. Blog for me again. 

Also, how are you today? 

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