Thursday, June 28, 2012


instagram is my BFF.
Like Nichelle, but an app.

Also, speaking of BFFs, my BFF, Janielle, left on a mission this week. 
I miss her a lot and it's only been two days.

But, life is good. 
And like I said, instagram is my BFF.


 1. #dailybedhead with some Vintage Wanna Bee lovin'.
2. Just call me Deb. I'll sell you boondoggle.
3. #dailybedhead.

 1. Keepin' it classy. I have a crush on Buzz Lightyear.
2. #dailybedhead collage. 
3. Inspirational quote.

 1. Hanging out in a gazebo with my roommate, Tami.
2. Tami in a tunnel. #androidography
3. Cool sunset reflections on the water at First Dam.

 1. Sno Cones with Elisabeth.
2. Raspberry with cream.
3. #iliveatsnoshack

 1. Lemon water in a mason jar through a straw on a vintage sewing table that I spray painted aqua. #pinterestismylife
2. First Sanpellegrino eva. I actually didn't love it, but it sure is a pretty can.
3. No bake cookies.

 1. Headed to work.
2. My Lisa Leonard necklaces came!
3. So in love with my heart ring from Jessica's Jewels

1. #ireallydoliveatsnoshack Passion Fruit with cream was a great idea.
2. Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card!
3. A pizza picnic with Phineas and Ferb and my roomie.

life rearranged
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