Friday, June 22, 2012


instagram: eliseypants

 1. That one time that I nailed my Wreck This Journal to the wall for people to draw on.
2. Bowling with my little brother.
3. Cubby and E Dizzle. Bowling names are the best.

 1. Steak for my sister's birthday.
2. WhoNu cookies are not Oreos. 
Oreos don't taste like vitamins.
3. Strawberries were on sale. :)

 1. & 3. Daily bedhead.
2. Sister bedhead.

 1. My sister's birthday roses.
2. Sunset through the blinds.
3. On a Neature Walk with Rya, Stina, and Nichelle(a).

1. Tire swings and 11 year old friends.
2. Roommates. :)
3. Curly hair and my Gussy Sews headband.

life rearranged
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