Friday, June 15, 2012


 1. New outfit.
2. Just Things headband.
3. Raspberry lemon snow cream. Summer in a cup.

 1. #slashtexts we talk in code a lot and we think we're funny.
2. Lunch with Elisabeth, Nichelle, and Shaylee Ann.
2. More #slashtexts

 1. Maddox milkshakes.
2. Sunday afternoon: popcorn and reading.
3. Arby's cups give me pep talks on bad days.

 1.2.3. #dailybedhead
it's a thing.

 1. Inventing card games with Psych references. #sbpd
2. Summer camp t-shirt and a cardigan. 'Cause that's totally not how I'd wear it at camp.
3. Cool lens flare.

1. Birthday present.
2. Isn't it so pretty?
3. We're dating our blogs. It's fine.
we need boyfriends

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