Friday, June 1, 2012

insta friday

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 1. Fuelin' up for the weekend. I love my natural gas car.
2. Jordan River Temple and GTT with Racha7el and Ja-Daze.
3. Cousins (slash, sister) at Ch's graduation!

 1. Shine Salt Lake Event.
2. Another team spreading the Shine.
3. My sister writing an inspirational quote on the sidewalk at the gateway. 

 1. Leaving quarters in gumball machines.
2. Heading out in the pouring rain to spread some Shine.
3. Happy notes in gumball machines.

 1. Leaving happy notes on mirrors and...
2. in elevators.
3. Notes dedicated to Nichelle. Good 'ol Alice in Wonderland.

 1. That time that I did NOT call Ashley 40 years old. 
2. Jenna, Brittney, Ashley, Megan, and I at the SLC Shine event.
3. Sunday breakfast.

 1. Memorial day flowers for my great grandparents.
2. Siblings by the graves. I think we have one of these pictures for every year since I was like, 10.
3. My grandma.

 1. I found drawings of Clay Aiken and Justin Timberlake that I did in High School...
2. The news article from the time I won a car.
3. Found a graduation card and money from HS. 

 1. Birthday lunch with the fam.
2. Red velvet Birthday cupcake from Ruby Tuesday.
3. Favorite time on my favorite day.

1. Rockin' the aviators on the way home from work.
2. My old BSC books. 
3. New striped shirt. 

1. Have faith in yourself and in the future.
2. Morning hair.
3. In a world of possibilities, imagine yourself as one.
Much needed inspirational quotes at Gordman's.

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