Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IDK, my BFF abcde?

Eryka from abcde is visiting us today. And I'm over there today. It's a blissful bloggy friendship we have. 


Hi Elise's Pieces readers. I'm Eryka I blog over at abcde. I blog about my life as a wifey. I am a pinterest a holic, pasta lover and the type of girl who gets way too attached to movie/book and tv characters! Let's be friends! 

Elise and I are swapping blogs for the day so after you check out my post go on over and read hers on my bloggy blog. Elise asked me to do a Dear Boys post. You know how she is awesome and does those all the time. I love them. 

Dear Summer, 
You sure snuck up on me. Where is this year going?

Dear Husband, 
Thank you for loving me through all my imperfections. I love you babes!

Dear Kirsten Stewart, 
How are you the highest paid actress? I will never know what the world sees in you. I guess they love the constipated look you give in EVERY movie. 

Dear Sno Cones, 
I love that its Summer and you can be found on every corner. Get in my belly! 

Dear Blog Friends, 
I love each and every one of you! 

There you have my little notes. I love new friends so come on over to my blog and say Hi! Be sure to check out Elise's post!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 


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