Sunday, June 17, 2012

dear boys, you rock.

I whine about boys a lot.
Every Wednesday, in fact.
And I try really hard to keep things up beat and positive.
Even when I'm complaining.
But it's really easy to get caught up in boy bashing.
"Boys are so dumb."
"Boys suck at dating"

Here's the deal, team.
Boys are actually very awesome.

The media is full of awful messages about gender.
Women are supposed to be stick skinny and have flawless skin.
Men are supposed to have washboard abs and look like Ryan Gosling.
Women are supposed to remain feminine, but do everything men can do, and do it better.

And here's one that I have a big problem with.
In sitcom after sitcom we see the father figure in the family put down. He's expected to be the breadwinner, and that's about where his value ends. How often do sitcom moms make "dumb dad" jokes?
Home Improvement, anyone?
Tim's an idiot and Jill is the perfect housewife who keeps everything together.
Tim has his own TV show where he is constantly being injured. When he returns home from work, he’s constantly in trouble for causing some dilemma at home. Near the end of the episode, Tim always seeks the advice of his neighbor and solves the problem. Jill, his wife, is always “proved right”. Now, this may not seem a problem, but what is it that this show has taught us? Jill is right and solves all the families’ problems. On the opposing side, Tim has been displayed as stupid, incapable, and less beneficial to the family than Jill. 

We can't blame it all on the media and we can't blame it all on ourselves.
I do, however, think we need to acknowledge that something is wrong here.
We need to have respect for one another.
We need to remember that people have flaws.

And girls, we need to stop the boy bashing.

Today, being Father's day, I want to take the opportunity to be grateful.

Boys, Men, Fathers, Brothers, etc.

You truly are awesome. I know that so many of you try your hardest to be good. 
I appreciate that. 
I have a lot of respect for you guys.
Asking on dates? It's scary.
Rejection? It sucks.
I'm sorry girls can be impatient and inconsiderate. 
We all could make things easier on you.
And we could stop complaining and start being kinder.
The truth is, we really do really like you.

You're not perfect.
Girls are not perfect either.
It's a beautiful thing, the plan of happiness.
Our true, full potential is only reached once we are sealed to someone.
Men and women are meant to be together.
To complete each other.
To become perfect together.

So, let's stop the whining. 
And the boy bashing.
Yeah, dating is awkward and challenging.
But I think it was invented that way on purpose.
How else would we really learn about ourselves, learn how to communicate, and figure out how to solve problems together?
Can't we all be more respectful and have better attitudes?

Dear boys,

You rock.


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