Wednesday, June 20, 2012

dear boys 39

Favie from last week comes from the darling Michelle Corinne:

Dear Apartment Complex Neighbor,
You are very attractive, but still slightly awkward. This makes you even more fabulous because I'm awkward too. We should be friends and then you should ask me out.

Dear 11 year old boy from the park,

Thank you for spinning my roommate and I on the tire swing.

And making sure I had the app "Rage of Bahamut" on my phone.

And for quoting all of the ASDF movie to us.

If you weren't 11 years old and you didn't eat your toenails, maybe you could be more than my pretend boyfriend.

Not really calling you my boyfriend because it's illegal and weird,

P.s. I hope I helped you level up with that promo code I entered in RoB.

Dear Flamingo,

You are a rockstar. Thank you for threatening me if I didn't eat offering me your left over Chick-fil-a yesterday. I'm sorry I turned you down and made you sad.
Also, I'm excited for the secret photography sky diving adventure.
Yay October!

The crazy aunt

Dear the three amigos,

I know which one of you I'm rooting for.  And we know which one of you we think will win.
But, we could be surprised.

The older roommates

Dear Walter S. Bacon,

She wants to punch you in the nose. But she'll get over it when she meets handsome happy valley boys.

Dear City Boy,

Don't forget about me. Please?


Dear boys peeps:
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