Thursday, June 14, 2012

bloggy bloggy blog blog

If you don't speak blog, you may not care to read this post.
Also, this is a blog. Just as a side note.
(I mention this because I'm not sure how you made it here without speaking blog.)

First item of business. The DIY Blogger house.

Super cool, right? Also, I met them. And you know how it's all noisy in the background when they're speaking? One of those chatty voices is me partyin' it up at Breathing Space.

Let's talk about how I got to meet my bloggy BFF, Shaylee Ann.
She doesn't live in Canada.
She did visit Logan though. We went to lunch. It was blissful.
I adore her. I have for a while, in fact.
And, we are failures as bloggers because we didn't even take a picture.

But, I fixed that.

Let's discuss. Elisabeth likes to carry her cute wallet under her arm instead of putting it in her purse. Also, she did not have braids yesterday, that is just how I always picture her in my mind. Shaylee really does have suuuuper gorgeous long pretty hair. (And she's very short next to Elisabeth and I, but we still love her. :) OHMYGOSHWEHADLUNCHWITHAMYADAMS. Just kidding. I'm so funny. Nichelle loves it when I make you look like Amy Adams jokes. But I made up for it with some Vintage Wanna bee product placement. And I gave myself one pocket because I didn't know what else to do with my hand.
We're all holding hands because we're BFFs now. Also, none of us wore dresses.

Another thing. Let's talk about how bloggers are actually really cool people.
We are. You are. All of us.
There is something about bloggy friendships that just isn't the same as anything else.
And it's different. There is definitely a lack of the interpersonal part of the relationship, but at the same time, when you read someone's blog, I think you just understand a deep part of them that nobody else does.

I feel like I'm rambling now. I just got on an I love blogging kick.
(Let's be honest, when am I not on an I love blogging kick?)
I'mma stop. Please comment about how much you love blogging also.
And about what a great artist I am.

Happy Thursday!
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