Saturday, May 12, 2012


does loving instagram make you a hipster?
I'm in a debate. 
Potentially with multiple people.
Christina and Emily, don't comment and bias the responses.

hipster or not,
follow me: eliseypants

 1. This fruit platter at work was one of the best things to happen to me this week.
2. I didn't think I liked these. Now I kind of love them.
3. Love me some curly fries.

 1. Super tasty Topsy Turvy cake at Breathing Space.
2. N & E @ the Breathing Space Cinco de Mayo party.
3. Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. 

 1. Nichelle, me, Megan, and Gentri at...
2. Breathing Space!
3. Cinco de Mayo balloons.

 1. Chick Fil A breakfast.
2. I'm going to blog more about this next week. 
3. Corner Bakery Dinner.

 1. U of U Health Care swag.
2. I may or may not have dumped all my swag out on the floor to look through it.

 1. The Up! House in Daybreak.
2. Cutest sunglasses cases at the Oh, Sweet Sadie boutique.
3. Shopping at SoDa Row.

1. I bought Buzz Lightyear sheets. 
2. Also, my room is still a disaster. I need to unpack so bad.
3. Love me some Buzz. Also, I bought a Rapunzel cup.

1. Alice in Wonderland rehearsal.
2. Choreography.
3. Summer afternoons in Smithfield. 

life rearranged
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