Thursday, May 24, 2012


Instagram feeds my picture taking obsession.
It's a beautiful thing.
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 1. Driving home from work and listening to conference talks. 
I discovered that traffic gets less awful if I do.
2. Morning. I wanted to stay in my PJs all day.
3. New earrings from Violet Hill Boutique and a very aqua outfit.

 1. E/N dating conversations. #slashtag
2. Easy Mac. (Side note: does anyone else think the cheese sauce got less delicious lately?)
3. Chocolate milk. Always served best with a straw.

 1. We bought headbands from The Letter 4 girls.
2. Pretzel bites are my favorite.
3. #nichelleeats 

 1. Playground with the roommates.
2. Swinging.

 1. Getting ready for a date. See also: pile of reject outfits on my bed.
2. Sometimes I take pictures when I get bored of blowdrying my hair.
3. Temple trip with Nichelle.

1. Chevron on my fingers.
2. Listening to some Sara B. on a rainy day.
3. Chevron on my toes. 

life rearranged

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