Friday, May 18, 2012


 1. The beginnings of Butterbeer.
2. M@ with a Butterbeer stache.
3. My Butterbeer a'sploded. Really though, it did.

 1. I went to my parent's house for the weekend, so Buzz got to hang out with the princesses.
2. Fantasia with the roomies.
3. #bedhead 

 1. Alice in Wonderland #showtime.
2. The last rehearsal.
3. Best seats in the house. The orchestra loooooved us.
Especially Cello boy.

 1-3. We went out for celebratory fh'zookies and ended up buying entire meals.
We also decided that creating the #nichelleeats hashtag was a great idea.

 1. I love my hairties from Oh Sweet Sadie. Someday, I'll remember the vendor name and tell you.
2. M@ and Rya brought me and Nichelle flowers. maybe we begged them a little.
3. Lichen? Moss? Either way, I like the orange color.

 1. Mill Hollow Summer Camp staff polo. I miss it.
2. Editing pictures of my Mill Hollow friend, Flick, and watching Psych.
3. My gorgeous cousin, Chelsea. 

 1. Once, I ate breakfast on my kitchen floor. At 2:00 PM.
2. Breathing Space. Ashley and I at our Interior Design class.
3. Livy Love Designs buttons on my camera strap.

1. Star Wars: A New Hope. We're watching one movie a week. Release order.
2. Backwards oreo.
3. Bonfire.

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