Friday, May 4, 2012


 1. Yummy foccacia bread with Nichelle. Because we deserved it.
2. Artichoke chicken pasta. Yummy.
3. Styrofoam is my favorite medium.

 1. Christina, Elisabeth, and I play with shaving cream on the table.
2. And make replicas of Disneyland.
3. Beautiful, right?

 1. Breakfast.
2. Sunday best.
3. Watching Alice in Wonderland because Nichelle and I are helping with a children's production of it.

 1. Forget Not
2. My baby.
3. Doodling.

1. The city lights reminded me of Sara B. 
"Here in these deep city lights a girl could get lost tonight."
2. Sparkly shirt.
3. Pretty lights through a rainy windshield. 

life rearranged
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