Wednesday, May 30, 2012

dear boys 37

Fave from last week is from christineleigh from Come What May and Love It:

Dear boys,
As I've mentioned before, black square glasses never hurt anyone.  If I end up dating you my only requirement will be that you never wear your contacts and only your glasses.


Let's discuss this further. Boys look wonderful in glasses. I support wearing them contacts though. Slash, not needing glasses. Potentially one of my favorite things is when a boy doesn't usually wear glasses and then one day, BAM! he's wearing glasses and my heart is in a puddle on the floor.

Glad we discussed that. Now, dear boys.

Dear Rob Rob,

Thank you for calling me 7 times. I'm sorry that your 'lady' wrecked your car and ruined your credit. I hope you still get to purchase a home.

"Cornerstone, this is Elise."
(to be read in your best phone-answering voice)

Dear flavored lemonades,

You are not boys, but you are delicious. In fact, probably one of my biggest weaknesses in life.
Especially strawberry.


Dear Mr. Griffiths,

You are potentially the cutest old man ever and I think I would like to keep you in my pocket.
In a very non-creepy pocket-keeping kind of way.
Like you're an action figure.
Cute grandpa style.


Dear Rya,

Stina thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread. And walmart french bread.
And she loves her some walmart french bread.

Elise-lise (but mostly Stina)

Dear flamingo,

Tami and I approve. Here's to October!

Elise and Tami

Dear Nikon,

I maybe, potentially have a roommate who maybe, potentially has a crush on you.
Just sayin'.


Dear City Boy,

I like you.


Dear Copper Mill,

You had me at raspberry lemonade, homemade rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, and free caramel cashew ice cream roll for my birthday. I'm in love.

A very satisfied customer

Dear boys peeps:
Write your DB post (or, you know, write to food... cause apparently I'm madly in love with food), put the button on it, and link it up over here.
Then, go read the other DB posts linked up.
Share the DB lovin'.



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