Friday, April 13, 2012

welcome to narnia

serious. think of my blog as a closet. and you clicking a link slash typing in my url was you opening the elise door of stuff. 

also known as, a blog post.

numba 1- I instagram now. instastalk me and I'll instastalk you. eliseypants
numba 2- my friend sam introduced me to this neat band. my favorite song is something more. 
numba 3- 

I found it on this blog that I stalked almost in its entirety last night. she's a logan kid. also, she's a jcom kid. (journalism and communications, you know, that thing I just graduated in.) soooooo, weird that I've never met her but have now blog stalked her mucho.
numba 4- I'm so over capital letters today. except for when I say I. I can't lowercase that one, it just feels wrong. 
numba 5- I often ponder doing more fashion posts on here. they will be called "average fashion" because I am an average girl, who has an average clothing budget, and who likes fashion buuuut doesn't like taking a lot of risks. my style is, just that: average. which i like. (see, it was icky. I.) also, most often I find it really hard to find daylight time for fashion photos, which means my outfit photos might just be average quality (see also: cell phone) pictures. what are everyone's thoughts and feelings on average fashion?

happy weekend, kids.

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