Friday, April 20, 2012

that time I was finally cool enough to participate in insta-friday

Instagram finally came to Android, blah blah blah. That's old news.
So, I got Instagram working on my phone and what do you know? I already had an Instagram account.
For like a year.
Turns out, I'd tried it out on my iPod touch (mini iPad, eh, Katilda?) back in the day and decided it was boring because none of my friends were using it. Huh.

Anyway, I missed last instafriday... so I'mma overwhelm you with pictures today. You LOVE me. It's fine. :)

Oh, plus also, if you'd like this post to be boring for you each week, please follow me on instagram: eliseypants.

 1. Brigham City Temple.
2. Free printable from Deseret Book.
3. Brigham City Temple at Sunset.

 1. Arise and Shine Forth ring from Deseret Book (Forgotten Carols anyone?)
2. My favorite headband EVER from Riley Lane Creations.
3. Rockin' the Shine shirt.

 1. Disney Store at City Creek.
2. Tiffany & Co. Need I say more?
3.  More Disney Store.
Seriously, if I had fit in that dress, I would have bought it.

 1. Pretty tulips at the Salt Lake Temple.
2. Also, Salt Lake Temple.
3. Love me some sandal weather.
 1. We acted out the story of Rindercella for our ward talent show.
2. The "hix white sorses" and the "Gary Mudfather". 
(Please pay special attention to the amazing glitter-camo fairy wings we made him.)
3. Rindercella, tutu and all.

For your viewing pleasure:

 1. A very pixelated depiction of the bliss that is Ryan's massage chair.
2. Pretty blue skies today.
3. Logan Temple.

 1. Justin, Ryan, and I celebrating Matt's Birthday at Texas Roadhouse.
2. She said no. I just don't understand.
3. M@ and Christina.
1. Birthday cupcakes for my roommate, Shelby.
2. Pink lemonade cupcakes from my mom.
3. My mom loves me. :)

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