Friday, April 6, 2012

the short story of Captain Awesome: part three

in case you missed 'em: part one and part two

Saturday night, we met at the theater. I introduced him to all my friends (who had all promised to be very nice to him) and we went into the theater. Lion King was awesome (duh) and especially awesome in 3D. We chatted and laughed together at the appropriate moments and talked through the credits and there were maybe moments where he might have held my hand... but I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for that, so I avoided it ever so gracefully. (We hope.)

See, the thing is, there was a pretty good chance his dad was going to need him to go back to the UK any day. So, I was kind of feeling the pressure. If I wanted something to work out, we kind of needed to get the ball rolling so it would continue to work out when he was in a different country. But did I really want yet another long-distance relationship? Slash, maybe he wouldn't actually have to go back to the UK for a while. Slash, that whole awkward movie situation the other night was awful, but you can't just judge someone for one less-than-awesome movie choice... or can you? Should you? 

Needless to say, I was freaking out. 

Monday, after one of my classes, I got a text from C.A. "Hey supergirl! How are you?!" It's impossible for your heart not to skip at least a tiny little beat when someone that cute calls you supergirl. We texted for a little while that night and talked about how he'd helped his friend with his potatoes all day and I started freaking out a little less. He really was just a nice guy, and a hard worker, and he liked me. I calmed down a little bit and decided to just enjoy things.

On Tuesday, he told me he'd love to take me out to ice cream and asked me if I had a friend that I could set up with his friend that he was staying with. So, I found a good friend to set up and we made plans for Thursday night. As the date got closer, I started to freak out again. On one hand, I really was very excited to go on another date with such an awesome guy. But on the other hand, I still was feeling uncomfortable with it all. Not necessarily uncomfortable with him, but with the idea of potentially dating him and I couldn't quite figure out why.

I talked to my roommates about it, I talked Nichelle's ear off about it, and I called my best friend, Asha. (We share a brain.) All of them gave me the same advice. "If he's really that awesome, it'd be a shame not to give things a shot. So, you should figure out where your uncomfortable feeling is coming from. You don't want to miss out on a great opportunity because of something silly. Pray about it."

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