Thursday, April 26, 2012


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 1. PUT A BIRD ON IT! Really though, madebyjewls has THE cutest earrings.
2. Queen Bee Market. Queen Bee Market. Queen Bee Market.
3. One time, Nichelle and I dumped out all of LivyLove's buttons and sorted through them for a billion years.
We bought, like, 11.

 1. QBM
2. Shoppin' at, duh, QBM. 
3. Cute Nichelle and her hot pink cast.

 1. That one time that we met Love Stitched.
2. Ceiling shadows.
3. That one time we reunited with Jenna.

 1. I introduced Nichelle to my favorite burger joint, Hires. 
2. #slashtag double instagram. 'Cause we're ferociously cool.
3. At my high school. #coltpride

 1. The maternity sesh that I edited all in one night.
2. Settlers of Catan.
3. Dessert Night in the parking lot.

 1. My roommate opening her mission call.
2. She's goin' to FLORIDA!!
3. Pretty roses.

1. Daily work list. QuickBooks exploded.
2. Bedtime instagrammin'.
3. Dating conversations with "Prince Charming".

1. Sun bathing in the grass @ first dam. 
2. Sunday outfit and my new Gussy headband.
3. The pile of ants that I sat on @ first dam.

life rearranged
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