Monday, March 26, 2012

the short story of Captain Awesome: part two

in case you missed it: part one

As I was walking home from campus the next day, I got a text from him. "Hey! If you had to name a favorite movie, what would it be?" We chatted about movies for a bit and then I asked how his day was. His response was one of those texts that a-makes you smile, b-makes your heart stop, c-makes you want to throw your phone in the air because you're so excited, d-all of the above. "It's been fantastic! Although I've got to say I had a much better time the other night. You see, I got set up on this date with this really awesome girl. Lucky me, aye?" Aaaaand que the flirty "Really? Because I went on an awesome date the other night too." texts. 

We continued complimenting each other as if we didn't realize we were talking about each other. "She's super cute too." "Oh really? I'm sure she'd be totally flattered to hear that! :)" "I hope so. :) I don't know her as well as I'd like to, but even I can see she's something special." We continued text-flirting until the party that night and my heart continued to stop every time I got a text from him. 

He wasn't there when I got to the party, he had run to the store to get snacks with some friends. I found his friend who was hosting the party and introduced myself. He told me his name and said, "Wow, you really are as pretty as he said you are." Then, I turned around to see C.A. walk in wearing a not too tight, but not too loose white button up shirt, nice jeans, and a legit cowboy hat. The only thing more attractive than him at that moment, was him in the well-tailored suit he'd been wearing the night before. He walked right up to me and gave me a big hug. He had another errand to run, so he asked me to go on a walk with him. After that, we all started watching a movie. I'd brought my roommate, Christina, and Nichelle with me as wing women (is that even a term people use?) and we all felt uncomfortable with the movie everyone had chosen to watch. So, we ended up leaving. 

Later that night, C.A. texted me to apologize about the movie and thank me for coming. I was freaking out to my roommates about the movie choice and leaving early and ohmygoshIthinkhereallylikesmebutIdon'tknowwhattodobecausethatgotalittleawkwardthereattheend and my roommate suggested that I invite him to see Lion King in 3D with us the next day so that I could really assess how I felt about him in a less awkward (see also: Disney) movie situation. Brilliant. 10 points to roommate. We texted for a couple more hours that night and I learned that he plays guitar and sings. (Because, of course, I wasn't already convinced enough of his unrealistic perfection.)

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