Saturday, March 31, 2012

general conference 2012: saturday afternoon

At first, we couldn't get my TV to turn on (even though we'd just been using it...) so we had to watch on the laptop screen in front of the TV. Which definitely looked funny.
Buuuut it came back right in time to watch the choir sing my favorite song: Lead, Kindly Light.
And I got down to business taking notes.
(And potentially doodling on the top of the page. You kind of have to.)


Jeffery R. Holland. There aren't even words to express how awesome his message was.
"Don't be hurt or envy when good fortune comes to another person."
"Remember, God really is both just and merciful."
"Don't hyperventilate about what happened at 9AM when the Lord is trying to reward you at 6PM."
"[No matter what you have done], you have not traveled beyond the reach of God's love."
Oh yeah. #picklejuice

Elder Hales was also stellar. 
My goal in life is to find a man who will speak as tenderly of me as Elder Hales speaks of his wife.

I was grateful for Elder Baxter's message to single parents, for Elder Soares' lessons about staying strong against satan and staying in the Lord's territory, and I loved Elder Cook's words about faith.

And Elder Scott: "The more closely you follow divine guidance, the greater will be your happiness in this life and in the eternities."

Aaand there he was after all. My favie, Elder Archuletta.

Favorite things about session #2?

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