Thursday, February 23, 2012

room sweet room

I've lived in the apartment that I live in for 4 years now. I also have moved out to work at summer camp every summer though. So, each year when I move back in, I redecorate. Because, let's be honest, I love the excuse to buy/make pretty new things for my room. Decorating a college apartment on a college budget can totally be fun. Even if I didn't move out and back in every year, I'd still find excuses to redecorate. I'm way too flighty to be happy with my color scheme for very long.

Welcome to my bedroom. :)

That cute aqua table used to be a sewing machine table. I bought it at DI last year for under $10 and spray painted it with Bahama Sea Krylon. 

Funny story about the E hanging on the table: I bought cute grey chipboard letters at a boutique in Vernal but somehow managed to get the letters E, L, I, S, and F. I got an F instead of a second E. I didn't realize it until we were far away from Vernal though. So, I ended up buying a wooden E from Hobby Lobby and mod podged it. It was too heavy to hang with sticky tac though, so it's been hanging out on that table ever since. 

My bed spread was on clearance at Walmart, I sewed both pillows,
 and all the milk glass vases on my table were thrifted. 

Made these beauties with Kamille. You better believe we jammed out to JB and talked about how excited she was for her magical adventures in Taiwan while we wrapped our letters.

I have a secret love for water colors. Not in an I'm-a-professional-watercolor-artist kind of a way but more in an I-like-to-use-water-colors-the-same-way-I-did-in-kindergarten kind of a way. Pretty sure this picture was inspired by a craft Thursday on the Whatever blog.

This is the cleanest my table ever gets. I try, I really really do, but I'm a clutter kind of girl. Mandatory bedside table items: Scriptures, Journal, cup of pens, vase of pens, milk glass bowl of jewelry, zebra stripped eye mask (I've become a sleep diva since this post.), and my princess book. Not mandatory, but oh so exciting all the same: My sparkly frame with my song lyric water color art and the card I got from my favorite missionary today.

Photo heart collage that I've seen all over Pinterest...

Found that beautiful frame at Down East Home. It's Velcro-ed to the wall so I can use it as a photo prop. Just like the heart chalk board in the frame. Also in the frame: my valentine from my family and my bumper sticker that I got for cleaning the sink last night. (For you non-cache valley people: that means you eat a ridiculous amount of ice cream out of a metal sink at the local diner.)

The white board was made for me by my roommate, she found it on Pinterest and made it because she knows I love Pinterest. The Ken doll is also from her. She gave me a boyfriend for Christmas. 

Probably my two favorite things on my dresser: 
My Apricot Vanilla body spray from Bath and Body Works and the IWA theme. 

My room is crazy. I pretend to have a color scheme, I post my own art work like my walls are my mom's fridge, and the only reason my bed is made is because I was taking pictures for the blog. But, I love it. It's my space, it's who I am.
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