Friday, February 3, 2012

peanut butter toast with sprinkles

Say hello to the most seductive Cinderella you'll ever meet in your life.
When I was little, I loved peanut butter toast with sprinkles on it. I don't know how it all started and, yes, I am aware that it's not a normal thing to put sprinkles on your peanut butter toast. In fact, this girl always thought I was crazy when I did it. To be honest, I think my dad probably offered me peanut butter toast, I turned him down and he put sprinkles on it so I'd eat it. And then, of course, I always wanted sprinkles on it. Still do.

Something else got sprinkles on it this week:

Base coat: Essie's First Base, Blue: Essie's Borrowed & Blue, Sparkles: NYC's Starry Silver Glitter,  Top Coat: Seche Vite (As always.)

Nail polish may be the only shiny thing to grace that finger for a while. At least I didn't paint it grey this time...
Last night I let my roommate borrow some of my nail polish. She used my pink Essie polish. Today, she raved about how it stayed on through all 3 hours of the oven cleaning she did at work. Then she says, "what was that called? Effie?" Yep, 'Effie' is the bomb.
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