Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dear boys: blast from the past edition

A while back, I was chatting with one of my favorite Ashley's (Side note: Recess. That show was the bomb. I wanted to be one of The Ashley's.) about my dear boys posts. (Side note #2: did you know that I really do read every post that gets linked up? Pinky promise. I try to comment when I can, but I do at least read them all. You guys rock.)

Okay, did you follow any of that with the side notes? Here's the point: I was talking to Ashley and she said she had been thinking about doing a db post where she wrote letters to past boyfriends/past dates/past crushes. You better believe that I loved the guts outta that idea.

And so, in celebration of leap day (okay, it's totally unrelated to leap day, I know.), we're doing dear boys blast from the past edition. Word up to your ex-boyfriend!

Dear Chancho,

Remember how the first time you held my hand it was in an oven mitt? And Abercrombie had to pay you 5 bucks to do it? Romantic. ;) Good times though, good times.


Dear Agent Lego,

Oh, the late night MSN messenger conversations we had and stuff. Thanks for all the help with my Chemistry homework and for always being an awesome friend. Even though I had the hugest crush on you for a while there in high school, I'm beyond happy that you married my dearest Breefa. You guys make my top 5 list of favorite married couples. Oh, and though you probably don't remember it, I owe you a giant thank you for inspiring my blog's name and stuff.

You rock,
Agent Retard

Dear Rockstar,

Sometimes I think things could work out between us again, but then I realize that we've both grown up and we have different plans now. And I'm okay with that. But if you wanted your plans to be dating me again, I'd probably give it some consideration.


Dear Fresh Thumbs,

I miss you, Pal. I think it's about time for you to come back from your mission so we can go bowling with the crew.

Bingo Breath

Dear Raoul,

Three words: Choir Tour Romance.
One more word: Why?


Dear Kevin,

Remember how Kella texted me in the NoYes building and told me she found a boy for me to marry and then she told me I was sitting right behind you and so I took a creeper picture of the back of your head before I even met you and then after I did meet you I joined yoga club just to spend more time with you but then never went because you never went? Oh, also, I totally still have the picture.


Dear Jerk,

We really did have some good times way back when. Sledding in China and prune juice arguments. I have to admit, you really are quite charming. And even though it can sometimes be over-the-top, I really have always had a lot of respect for your insistence on being a perfect gentleman.

Thanks for the memories,

Dear JJ,

Ohhhh if only you knew the late-night MSN conversations my friends and I would have about you. Also, if only you knew about all the times I came into work just to see you. Also, if your dad ever asks, I never drove past your house just because I knew where it was and he definitely did not see me...


Dear Green,

Nobody knows this, but you have an entire blog post dedicated to you. I wrote it months ago, but still haven't posted it. Maybe someday I'll share our story, maybe I won't. Either way, you should know that I still think about you on a daily basis. I think there will always be a tiny place in my heart that aches for what could have been and hopes that some day you find your true happiness.


Okay, team! Link up those dear boys/dear girls posts! They don't have to be blast from the past posts, you can do a regular dear boys post if you'd prefer. Just make sure you put that handsome little db guy (or girl) on your post!



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