Wednesday, February 15, 2012

dear boys 23

Favie from last week comes from my like the hurricane friend, Katrina:

Dear Dream Boy,

'Nuff said.

Love, Over it

It helps that I looooove me some Demi.

Aaaand now,

Dear Superman,

You're super and all, but I'm maybe not feeling it. 
But the other day I was. 
So maybe tomorrow I will be again?
Awh man.

a very confused elise

Dear Show Off,

You're getting married this weekend and I really am very happy for you.
All the same, it'd be nice if Pandora would stop playing our song.


Dear Chick-fil-a (the actual restaurant, no code name here),

Thanks for being my valentine and being so delicious. 
Also for having chick-fil-a sauce for me to drown my i-am-single-on-valentines-day sorrows in.

the new foursquare mayor of the local chick-fil-a

Dear J-Dub,

I'm not proud of you at all, unless you want me to be. 
If that's the case, I'm so blasted proud of you.



Look! I made you urbandictionary famous!


Dear Nachos,

What the what?


Dear Pizza boy,

Thanks for hitting on me with extra garlic sauce. 
It made my day. 
Just remember that I use a whole lotta garlic sauce on my pizza and that might just make me a little less smooch-able.

Your favorite customer

Last week I got an email from my new pal, Elder Mighill. He, being a boy, writes dear girls posts and requested a button more appropriate for his posts. So, check out my little DB man's new best friend!

And now, dear boys is no longer gender exclusive. Woot. Plus, it's really only fair to allow boys to write us letters back, amiright? So, same drill: Write a dear boys/girls post on your own blog, slap the most appropriate button on there, aaaand come back here and link your post up. 



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