Thursday, February 9, 2012

cloud pants

If there were a way for me to share my brain with you, not only would you understand the concept I'm about to share with you perfectly, but you'd think it was the best idea ever. Although, that might only be because you were using my brain.

But since I can't share my brain with you, I am going to try to explain the great idea that is (are?) cloud pants.

So, one evening I was chatting with some friends about what we'll wear in heaven. (You know, your average Sunday night college student discussion.) M@ suggested that we'll wear white robes (cliche. inorite?) And that is the moment when I came up with the best invention since, well, the invention of inventing. (Perhaps it's times like this that explain why I've had no luck dating engineering majors...)

Two words: Cloud. Pants.

Now, before you get all weirded out, let me clarify: they will not be see-through. Do you feel less awkward now? Good.

Cloud pants. They will have the softness properties of a cloud, but will not be foggy or transparent or anything like that. Imagine pants made of cloud, but in a fibrous way. The most earthly thing I can think of to compare them to is perhaps fleece. Think, fleece pajama pants only not fuzzy and made of cloud (think: the feel of cloud, again, not see-through).

They're gonna be great, kids. Also, today I debated making them only in short and tall sizes so that all you normal-sized people out there can experience the awfulness of i-don't-fit-into-any-of-these pants shopping. But, I'm 92 percent sure you're not supposed to spite people in heaven. So, cloud pants for everyone!

And this is your que to either a-tell me you have no comprehension of what you just read or b-sign up for the cloud pants waiting list.
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