Thursday, February 2, 2012

awkward & awesome thursday

- Old man walks into work today and says "Young Lady. I'm looking for a therapist." First funny: Young Lady (Which is only funny if you're a Mill Hollow kid). Second funny: Therapist. I was all prepared to explain "Sir, this is a real estate brokerage..." and then he explained himself.
- My dad gave me a gift card for pizza on Monday. So, I invite my sister and cousin to go get pizza and we go on over to Papa Murphey's and order our pizza and hand the guy the gift card thingy. He runs it, it doesn't work, he looks closer, hands it back to me and says "Uh, this says Papa John's..." Sweeeeeeeeet.
- Runny noses. No explanation needed.

- Pay day. Pay day. Pay day.
- 4 months minus 2 days until my birthday.
- this:

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