Monday, January 16, 2012

things I probably shouldn't confess, take two

I watched waaaaay too much of this show this weekend:

consequently, I'm in love with a fictional man named Grayson.

I ate an entire box of Mac and Cheese today. All by myself.

Once, when I was a child, I locked myself in my parent's room and drew all over the back of their door with a pencil. Then, I wrote my sister's name on the door so she'd get in trouble for it.

Today, I watched the Justin Bieber movie with my cousin. I teared up a little. As usual.

I think plucking my eyebrows is miserable. So, I vote that I either get a rockin' job where I make enough money to afford weekly eyebrow waxing or... okay, no option. That's my vote.

I get unreasonably anxious before photo shoots, dates, and certain phone calls.

Oh, not my confession, but yesterday my roommate wore two different pair of brown shoes to church and didn't realize it until the opening hymn.

I don't like Taylor Swift very much. That being said, I don't hate her anymore. Also, I have major T-Swift hair envy.

Your turn. :)
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