Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I like today

Base coat: Essie's First Base,  Pink: Peach Daiquiri, (some day, I might branch out to other colors, but right now I'm having a love affair with this shade of pink.) Glitter: NYC's Starry Silver Glitter, Top Coat: Seche Vite

Great hair day. Just sayin'.

Also, I went on a major cleaning spree today. This oven is sparkling.

I like today. My hair is rockin', I'm all cozy in a hand-me-down hoodie, and I got to do a photo shoot with the missionaries today. 

Oh. And this totally happened:

Explanation: The "Angel Elder" is a model (when he's not spreading the gospel). We were way excited for him to be in the district photo shoot, but then he got called to be AP, so he wasn't able to come. 

One of the sisters had joked with him that we'd Photoshop him in. So, while we waited for the Elders to be ready (yeah, for real) we googled his pictures and found this gem of him with angel wings. 

Yep. It's been a good Tuesday.

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