Friday, January 20, 2012

I am so insanely blessed.

Today, I was going to post the "How to Date an Engineering Major" tutorial I've been working on/researching, but I'm postponing that until tomorrow. I've got something more important to blog about.

Ladies and the 3 Gentlemen that read my blog,
I got a job.

Here I was, graduated and freaking out. I have nothing tying me down I could do anything with my life. Yet, I feel at home here in Cache Valley. Something is holding me here. Maybe it's just my friends, maybe it's something more, but Cache Valley is where I want to be. So, I made a decision: I would job hunt in Logan until my housing contract is up in April and if I hadn't found an opportunity in Logan, then I would branch out and look elsewhere.

So, I hunted. I filled out application after application with all the same repetitive information. (In case you wondered, I type 70 wmp and yes I do know how to use Microsoft Office). I'll spare you all the details, but today, I was frustrated. I was expecting to hear back about a job yesterday and I didn't. I knew that if I didn't get the job, it simply meant there was another opportunity, but it still was discouraging.

Today, I almost caved in and just vegetated and watched episodes of "Good Luck, Charlie" all day while eating Mac and Cheese out of the pot. But then I realized, I have every reason to be happy and to keep going. Heavenly Father has heard my prayers for guidance and for an opportunity and I need to keep seeking those opportunities.

So, I came home and I filled out more applications and put together a portfolio. Just as I was finishing up my portfolio, I received a call and was offered the job I was expecting to hear about yesterday. I guess it's not up to me to define "perfect" timing.

So, I have a job. One that I really wanted, that I feel will work well with my schedule and my wants. And I get to stay here in Cache Valley where I want to be.

When all else fails, keep the faith. Remember that God has a plan for you. Strive to do what's right, and he will bless you. Always.

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