Wednesday, January 25, 2012

dear boys 21

favie from last week comes from Miss Katrina whom I love.

Dear Boy,

Because we can't do the first best thing...

Love, Girl

And now...

Dear Eiffel 65,

You can walk past my window any time. Kthx.

The New Girl

Dear Captain Awesome,

Why are you even still here? I want to know what on earth you're doing. 
I don't understand you at all.
Also, ignoring me in Panda Express is not very cool.


Dear Pirate boy,

I may or may not have pretended you were an oreo and dunked your head underwater with morbid commentary about how now you couldn't breathe. Harsh? Maybe. 
Then I ate you.


Dear Big Tuna,

Rumor has it that you like her. Actually, the entire universe knows you do. Man up and ask her on a date.


Dear Simba,

It's been real. Actually, it's been everything but real. And seven months of pining over someone who is too busy chicken everything to take a girl on a date is not healthy. So, I'm moving on.


Dear Superman,

Convince me.


Dear Copy Machine at Work,

I love you more than boys. Except it would be nice if you could properly print a 15" legal document on letter-size paper. Let's work on that.


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