Wednesday, January 11, 2012

dear boys 19

Fave from last week comes from miss Becca @ Clogger's Life

Dear Institute Boy,

You are gorgeous. I wish you would ask me out. I actually dreamed about it last night.
I hope I see you again next semester.

FB Stalker

I feel like I could have written that myself. Institute, FB Stalking... oh life.

Dear boys,

I'm sorry I lashed out at you on facebook and threatened to punch you all in the nose. Your noses can take comfort in the fact that a- I can't punch and b- I've forgiven you. 
All the same, it would be nice if you all manned up a little and stopped frustrating us girls. 


Dear pirate boy,

I don't even want to date you and I'm frustrated by the mass confusion you cause. 


Dear Penny,

I miss you across the hall. Who are we supposed to tell our boy problems/stories to if you're so far away in your fancy-schmancy new apartment?


Dear Ronald McDonnald,

I heard that you were way awesome, but now I'm convinced you're just a jerk-face poo poo head. 
So... put that in your crock pot and cook it. 

Christina (The roommate)

Dear Big Tuna,

You are the one who sparked the whole "I want to punch all boys in the nose" thing last night. I have this roommate, and I'm positive you're diggin' her chili. So, man up and take her on a date already.

The roommates. (Aka, nose punchers)

Dear Simba,



Dear J-Dub

You know that thing... it's called dating... where you talk to a girl and ask what she's doing Friday night... and then you invite her to do something with you on Friday night? You should try that out. 
After all, "the beginning of the semester is the best time to work your magic," right?

Sensei & Co.

Dear Bloggers,

Write your own DB post, put that cute little dear boys guy on it (copy and past the html below the button directly into your post), come back here and link up your post, read others, bask in the glory of dear boy-ness.




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