Wednesday, January 4, 2012

dear boys 18

Two favie letters linked up last week:

MJ from Daily Delight
Dear Thompson Square,

Do you know how excited I am I get to marry you? And spend eternity with you? I get all giddy like a little girl when I think about this and how much I love you.  You put a smile on face and I can't wait to see you when we're not together. You make me so happy and I am truly the luckiest girl in the world because I get to be with you! Thank you for being the best and being all mine!

Your soon to be wife :)

Cute, right?

Also, Laura from Simpleton Pleasures
Dear Ex,

Don't forget about our lunch date next week. We can talk about your biceps and new girlfriend.

Your Friend,
Shut Up, This is Healthy

I died. You should go read the rest of hers because,well, you'll pee your pants. 

Dear Jim Halpert, 

We should be married. Minus the fact that you are a-fictional and b-your fictional character is married to Pam. If we ignored those things, it'd be bliss, I'm sure.


Dear Ogden Technaglass Man,

You are the nicest and cutest Technaglass Man I've ever met. I've only met three, but you beat out the other two by a landslide. I'm thinking about driving down to Ogden for all my future windshield needs.

Cracked Windshield Girl

Dear Simba,

You're still cute and you're still my favorite.


Dear Walter S. Bacon,

Man up and moisturize, okay?

Your friend,

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