Saturday, December 31, 2011

two thou elev. - year in review

Re-learned the i before e rule and started spelling elise's pieces right. (Note to self, it's not peices. CIP.) Discovered the best cupcake recipe ever, took super fun pictures with my favorite visiting teaching companion and teachees, threw a successful institute open house, and had a mustache party.

Made chalkboard mugs with Nichelle and the rest of the honken gang, decorated and went to the "Unforgettable" IWA dance, stained my Bosch pink (but not forever, thank goodness), almost ruined cute shoes on a weird date, and hung out with Winnie the Pooh.

Spontaneously taught Zumba at IWA Sisterhood week, threw a spring break bloggy meet-up with Nichelle, did a makeup tutorial, celebrated my 4th anniversary of not dying from a bowling ball and thus received wonderful emails from a bowling and pi fanatic who bowled a strike in my honor, invented National Get Some Cupcake Crumbs in Yo Mustache day with Nichelle, awkward and awesome-d for the first time, oh and there was that time that Nichelle and I made a vlog. Also, March was the great birth month of Dear Boys.

I confessed that "all I want out of life is some shepherd's pie and a boyfriend", got shepherd's pie, didn't get a boyfriend. Ashley got me a Justin Bieber T-shirt, my IWA chapter visited our namesake, Mary Fielding Smith's grave in SLC, I saw the JB movie and looooved it (there's a slight chance that actually happened in March), had a wonderful Easter, got released from my calling the the IWA inner chapter presidency and got called as the president of the Mary Fielding Smith chapter, played lots of swedish twister, discovered reverse charades, shot a gun for the first time, and got bangs.

My birth month! I posted a picture of myself without makeup, did a little hair-curling tutorial, dear boys-ed some more, met Sydney from The Daybook, went on the best road trip ever with Nichelle and Ashley, toothbrush dance-ed, and did not start working at Mill Hollow (see also: best summer camp job ever) because there was too much snow.

Went to Cheesecake Factory for the first time, sobbed through all of Soul Surfer in the theater, accidentally bought and fell in love with jeggings, got to teach English and GED classes to Adult Refugees from Japan, Napal, Taiwan, and Brazil. Finally got to go up to summer camp and start working, fell in love with wife beaters, hated vending machines, freaked out about upcoming graduation, and apparently didn't take any pictures. 

Celebrated the 4th of July with illegal totally legal fireworks that my little brothers brought back from Wyoming got from a stand right here in Utah. (Actually, all but like, one of them, really were legal since Utah changed the firework rules this year). Also, hung out at summer camp some more, revisited my Harry Potter obsession, got free slurpies twice on the way to camp, went to Lagoon a couple times, got Naked (juice) in Kamas, potentially and unintentionally broke a boy's heart a little, and discovered Pinterest.

Painted a teepee, wrote the ever-so-epic "How to not be a pansy" dear boys tutorial with Nichelle, made a list of "how not to impress your date" at summer camp, celebrated wife-beater Wednesday and food baby Friday a lot, made shoes out of duct tape, went skinny dipping, finished up summer camp, packed up, and moved back to Logan, made a melted crayon poster. 

Realized that I've been making cameos in many of the wedding pictures I take, dear boys-ed some more, did a bracelet tutorial, went to bear lake, took roommate pictures, enjoyed some Aggie football, won a ticket to Creative Estates, went to my cousin, Ashley's, pageant. Oh, and had a fling with a rich, Brittish boy that I never told you all about. 

Fell in love with Pioneer Woman, turned a shirt into a pillow, wrote a very personal post that may never be published, dear boys-ed a lot, loved the rain, cooked one super delicious meal (and probably a couple less so, but still delicious meals), went shooting for the second time ever, gave up, got to take my beautiful cousin's wedding pictures, and had a waaaaay cool totally not nerdy Halloween costume. Went to the pumpkin walk, gave some boys black eyes, worked my tail off on a media law paper and made myself sick over it.

Started listening to Christmas music reaaaaally early, did laundry, worked my tail off on another media law paper and got an A, almost burned water, enjoyed Thanksgiving, and apparently didn't take pictures of anything except the laundromat. 

Celebrated Christmas with a song of the day, worked even harder on my Media Law final paper and got an A, studied really hard for the Media Law final exam and got an A. Seriously, I think that's my accomplishment of the year. I am SO grateful and blissfully happy about that one. Also, I went on a Denny's run, learned a lot about Mary, bonded with Katilda over the ladder theory, had a wonderful Christmas, went to another cousin's wedding and got to take her bridals, and caught a bouquet. (Not my cousin's, though).

The end.

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