Wednesday, December 28, 2011

dear boys, part 17 and an announcement

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve by Katharine Mcphee on Grooveshark

Dear Bachelor, 

I'm writing to inform you that you've been moved to the friend ladder.
Please act accordingly.

Best Wishes,

Dear Superman,

I'm not sure what to think about you, but you're really very nice. 


Dear Vanilla,

Pretty please stop trying to date girls ten years younger than you.


Dear Mr. Nice Guy,

I put you on my ladder last dear boys post and now I can't remember who the heck you are.
Not a sign in your favor.


Dear Boy,

Somehow, we always come back to you, don't we?
Well, we're done. For realsies. No more secretly wishing or hoping, no more pretending it'd work, no more flirting and fighting for your attention. I officially, 100% do not care anymore. 

Better off without you.

Dear Simba,

I worry that I've fallen off your radar. But, you're definitely still on mine. Do I text you? Do I just wait to run into you? I think the ball is still in your court, but maybe you lost it? Would you like me to show you where the net is? 

still crushing hard core,

Dear bloggers,

Aren't you happy we're back to the good stuff?

Write your own dear boys post, copy the html below my button to get this cutie little dear boys man on your post (it's required) and come back here to link up your post.

Dear boys and I had a DTR this week. We decided that Dear boys needs to be an official, weekly thing.
So, get excited for Dear Boys Wednesdays!
Oh! And, I'm going to feature my favorite boy letters from the people who link up.
Sooo, on your mark, get set, dear boys!


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