Friday, December 16, 2011

dear boys: the ladder theory

Back in the day when I went to Snow college, two of my roommates worked in the math lab.
*please insert all math lab jokes here*

Generally speaking, the math lab was a very boring place for me. 
Except for the time Kustrina and I made homemade onion rings and took them to Karen.
Or the time Kustrina and I brought color by number pages to the math lab (the numbers were key to making it an appropriate math lab activity) and our markers soaked through the paper and stained the tables.

Or tuesday nights. 
Tuesday nights in the math lab meant hardly anyone was in there studying, Rochelle was working, and so was the resident dating expert. 
Some days, he would tell us funny proposal stories. 
Some days, he would tell us about the girl he was in love with.
And one fine day, he taught us the ladder theory and changed my life forever. 

You should definitely go read her explanation of it. 

 Meanwhile, back at the math lab...
Dating expert walks over to the white board and grabs a marker.
He draws this:

He explained it this way: Boys have one ladder. If they want to date a girl, she's at the top of the ladder and they pay the most attention to her. Simple.

Then he drew this:
He explained it this way: Girls have two ladders. There's the ladder of boys that are just friends and there's the ladder of boys that she wants to date. The boy at the top of the love ladder is the one she pays the most attention to, but she probably also pays a lot of attention to the boy at the top of the friend ladder as well. 

He also illustrated this:
And explained: A boy on a friend ladder (see also: friend zone) can work his way up that ladder. But some boys try to work their way up and make the leap over to the top of the love ladder.
This is what happens:
He falls and is suddenly in that awkward space between ladders. There is hope for him though. A boy can't jump from the tops of the ladders, but he can sometimes start on the friend ladder and very slowly and very carefully make his way up the love ladder. Keyword: sometimes.

And there you have the ladder theory laced with a little bit of my dear boy-ness. You're now an honorary member of the tuesday nights at the math lab club. 

Song of the day:
Mistletoe by Justin Bieber on Grooveshark

Dear Baby Beibs,

I'll hang out under the mistletoe with you any day.


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