Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas song of the day: A birth story

I'm one of those girls who cries through "A Baby Story" on TLC and sobs as I read birth stories on my favorite mommy blogs. This Christmas season, I've been thinking a lot about Mary. About her Christmas experience and what it was like to be the mother of the Savior. As I've studied Mary's story, I've imagined what her 'birth story' would be like. This is simply my interpretation of how I think she'd tell the story. 
(Sadly, today's song is not on Grooveshark. Here's the youtube link so that you can listen to the song while you read the story.)

Agnus Dei

I was out one day, and an Angel of the Lord appeared to me. He spoke to me of God's love for me and explained that I would soon conceive a child and that that child would be the Son of God. I asked how this was possible. I was betrothed to a man named Joseph, and was still a virgin. He explained that the Holy Ghost would come upon me. He also explained that my cousin, Elisabeth, had also conceived a child even though she had been told she was unable to have children. I was overwhelmed, but faithful. I said I would accept the Lord's will and be his handmaid.

Joseph, who was to marry me, was doubtful. And who could blame him? I was with child, though I was still a virgin. Seeking comfort, I went to visit my cousin, Elisabeth. She tells me that when I entered the room, she was filled with the spirit and the child in her womb leaped for joy. I stayed with Elisabeth for three months as I waited for word from my betrothed, Joseph. Adultery was punishable by stoning and I was afraid that misunderstanding would lead to such punishment for me. The day that Joseph told me that an Angel had visited him, I was filled with relief. My faith and prayers for his understanding had been answered.

As I progressed through my pregnancy, I was continuously filled with gratitude and joy. From the little flutters of movement in my womb, to the constant presence of the spirit of the Lord, I knew that I carried a great blessing within me and I was humbled by the opportunity to serve my God. Joseph and I were married and I anxiously anticipated the birth of my child. As the days grew closer, we needed to journey to Bethlehem to be taxed. Being very pregnant, any traveling would be uncomfortable, but this journey would take seven days.


Joseph was very kind and caring, he made certain I was as comfortable as possible through the whole trip. Upon arriving to Bethlehem, I knew my baby was soon to come. Though we tried, we could not find an inn to spend the night in. The city was full of people coming to be taxed and the only place we could find room to rest was a stable. I didn't mind, I was grateful for a place to lay down and find some sort of comfort.

Joseph stayed by my side through the whole labor. I also felt the presence of angels surrounding me to bring me peace and strength. At long last, I was able to pick up my child, the Son of God, and wrap him up in swaddling clothes. We filled a manger with hay to create a cradle for him to rest in.

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As I held that tiny baby that I had been carrying with me for nine months, I thought of how beautiful and perfect he was. That tiny little body held so much hope and joy. My entire soul was overcome with love for this child. Though the stable was quiet and peaceful, it was as if we could hear choirs of Angels singing praises to the child I held in my arms.

I brushed my fingers across his soft arm and his fingers clasped onto mine. As I fed my child for the first time, I felt a great humility come upon me as I realized how much this child relied upon me at this time. Only I could offer Him the nutrients He needed to survive. Yet, He was the one sent to earth to save us all. This very child that I was providing strength and life for, was the Son of God, sent to provide strength and life for us all. Though I was his mother, he was still my God.

We learn in the scriptures that Mary was the 'chosen vessel', foreordained in the heavens, to be the the mother of Jesus Christ on earth. We, too, are chosen vessels. We won't experience a miraculous conception or give birth to the Son of God, but we are vessels that can experience the miracle of carrying the spirit of Christ with us all our lives. Like Mary, we can be grateful for the opportunities God gives us to serve. We can bring Christ into others lives. This Christmas season, let us remember the spirit of Christmas. Which, truthfully, is the spirit of Christ.  

Sources: Mary and Luke 2
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