Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas song of the day: best friends and teenage love

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Today's Christmas song:

Merry Christmas With Love by Clay Aiken on Grooveshark

In high school, I loved me some Clay Aiken. To a passionately obsessive borderline definitely creepy way. My best friend, Katrina, and I used to listen to his songs and radio interviews for hours. We'd sing "Solitaire" on the bus and hold our breaths for the whole time he held that super long note right at the key change. We practiced our North Carolina accents and made lists of words we'd ask Clay to say if we ever got to meet him. (Gasoline, pistachio, etc.) We covered all our notebooks, lockers, and walls with pictures of his face. In fact, I would print new pictures of him daily and bribe Katrina to do stupid/embarrassing things and reward her with a picture. We had earrings, t-shirts, bracelets, magnets, key chains, you name it. Oh, also. I still own his book. 

It was a pure, 15 year old kind of love. 
Or maybe we were pathetic. 
Either way, our love for Clay Aiken is what bonded us. 

We, of course, went to his concerts any time he came to Salt Lake. We make certain to text each other on March 26th of every year and celebrate the anniversary of the first Clay concert we went to. 
The second concert we went to was the Merry Christmas, With Love concert in Abravanel Hall. We cried, we laughed, we screamed. And we also might have stalked his body guard after the concert and had a conversation involving things like "Can I shake your hand?" and "So, you've touched Clay Aiken, right?" and "You probably have some of his sweat on you right now..." and "I'm never washing my hand again!!"

Merry Christmas, With Love is more than a song. It's what got me through that awkward teenager pre-dating time of life. 

Who was your teenage love? 
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