Tuesday, November 1, 2011

these are the voyages of the starship Halloween

This Halloween was probably the first time in about 7 years that boys haven't had to ask "Um, who are you supposed to be?" Though I did get a lot of, "Wait, which character are you?" And a couple red shirt jokes.
Then, when I explained that my costume was actually rather 'series confused' they'd try to tell me which character I was. In the end, I think the best option was a yeoman. I asked what a yeoman was and Jeff said they were the random hot girls on the ship. I'm down with that. However, if my costume had been red, I would have totally claimed Janeway.

Simplified less nerdy explanation: I was a character from Star Trek.

Dress: Forever 21
 Pants: Vanity dress pants altered to be skinnies
Boots: Fashion Box 4 U
Command Badge: Found on Amazon
(It's an exact replica of the ones from the most recent film. Word.)

It had to happen.
Live long and prosper, yo.

I also spent some quality time at the DI helping these kids put together their costumes.

Roommate Christina as Cruella DeVille
Forgive the grainy picture, we were rushed.

Neighbor Honorary roommate, Penny, as Ash Ketchum

What did you dress up as this year?

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