Tuesday, November 29, 2011

check check

Class presentation? Check.
Christmas Tree up? Check.
1/3 grad packet signatures? Check.
Other two grad packet appointments scheduled? Check.
Saw cute boy? Check. (Simba. :)
Final project for summer internship? Check.

My list is getting shorter and shorter and I am STOKED, people. I love the feeling of scratching each thing off the list and knowing I'm not going to add anything else. Pure bliss.

Also, I got my Media Law Case Study back yesterday. 96% baby. And I was just praying for a C. Let's just take a moment to appreciate answered prayers and faith and hard work. Prayer works, kids. No doubt.

And because I don't have time to take pictures of my outfit or anything cool like that, you get pictures of my favorite baby instead.

Oh yeah! Karen's family pictures edited? CHECK.

Do you not just want to snuggle him? More of their pictures over on the photo blog. Oh! And speaking of the photo blog, check out my new photography website! Elisecreates.com

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