Saturday, November 5, 2011

anual winter to-do list

First snowfall last night. I'm being a grumpy-pants about it. I feel like we just got done with snow.

But, it's gonna snow whether I'm ready for it or not. So, I'm changing out of my grumpy-pants and into some i-really-do-actually-love-all-things-snow-and-winter-pants. 

And because it's tradition...

  • hold hands in mittens
  • make a snow man
  • watch Christmas Shoes over and over and over
  • go ice skating
  • snow paint
  • do lots of awesome wintery/christmasy service projects
  • cuddle by a warm fire and drink hot chocolate
  • get Starbucks' caramel apple cider
  • ski the Beav
  • go sledding
  • wear lots of warm, cozy scarfs and hats
  • not freeze
  • freeze bubbles
  • see the lights downtown
  • see Forgotten Carols and The Nutcracker
  • kiss under the mistletoe

previous lists:
2008 (on my good old livejournal blog...)

What's on your to-do list this winter?
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