Tuesday, October 25, 2011

who am I?

Sometimes, I get a little grumpy and down in the dumps.
And sometimes I whine about boys and complain that dating is stupid and not worth it.

Sometimes, I think my life is really hard.
And I get overwhelmed by how busy I am.

And all too often, I get down on myself because of my skin, or my hair, or my clothes, or my talents.

But who am I to complain? 
I've been blessed with very specific talents and abilities that are just for me.

I have clothes to wear. Enough that I had to use three washers to do my laundry tonight. So who cares if I'm not the most fashionable girl on campus?

I actually really do have great hair. It curls when I want it to, and it goes straight super easy. And I'm not going grey, or balding...

Perhaps I break out a lot and struggle with acne, but it's improved a lot. Tomorrow night, we're putting together care kits for Leprosy colonies in India. No matter how awful acne is, I'd take it over any other challenge. Any day.

Being busy can be overwhelming but how blessed am I to be having opportunities to do design work for people and take pictures. And have the talents to do so. And the fact that I'm able to be in school and be graduating in December with minimal student loan debts is a HUGE blessing.

And maybe dating sucks. Actually, no maybe. It does suck. But it's worth it. And some day, it'll all work out. All the heartbreak I've experienced will help me realize how awesome Mr. Right is. Whenever I find him. ;)

Who am I to complain? I am blessed with opportunities to learn and grow. I have an incredible opportunity to serve the lepers in India tomorrow night. I have a family who loves me, great roommates, and countless other blessings.

Tonight in institute we talked about how adversity is given to us for our benefit. Life is full of ups and downs and without the downs, we wouldn't appreciate the ups.

Who am I? I am a very blessed daughter of God. And I am grateful for my life. Trials, business, heartbreak and all.

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