Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween weekend and some black eyes

Look at what I did to these boys this weekend.

Top: Mike said "Will you give me a black eye, please?" I offered to punch him, but he said he'd prefer makeup.

Bottom: Ryan said "Elise, I'm going to be a zombie today, will you help me?"
So I did. 

Don't they look awesome?

I wish I had more time to blog this weekend. We carved pumpkins yesterday. My shoulder is still sore, but my pumpkin looks awesome. Also, the pumpkin goo might still be on the table. I guess you could say I love the guts out of those pumpkins. (Just kidding, I've been too lazy to throw them away.)

Do you want to know why I'm boring this weekend? It's because I'm writing a midterm paper for media law. So don't even mess with me or try to argue journalist privilege with me. Because I'll make you look like those boys. Potentially without makeup. ;)

Happy Halloween weekend! What are your plans?
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