Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY shirt to pillow remakeover

Is remakeover a real word? Slash, even a word that people use? I kind of feel like I didn't just make it up, but we may never really know. (Okay, someone go google it or something.)

One time, I bought this shirt dress shirt thing. It was on sale and I loved the fabric.
Then, I tried to wear it...

Maybe it doesn't look so bad to you, but the whole shirt/dress (shress? drirt?) debate was giving me a headache. And, it emphasized my tummy way too much for my liking. 
Also, please enjoy that I cut my head out of this picture. 
And the fact that there is a random fan behind me.

Long story short: loved the fabric, hated the shress, made a pillow.

It was super easy. I used the main body of the shirt for the rectangle, simple cut and sew. 
I cut the bottom ruffle so it wasn't gathered anymore and used it to make the middle band and the bow.
The center of the bow is an elasticy-gathered piece from the back of the shirt.

And now all that's left of the shirt is this.

Anyone need a new bikini top? 

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